Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Our merdeka day is just around the corner. Tonight, we malaysian celebrating our 50 years of independent. I'm proud to be malaysian anyway but.. i just hate our system. I don't know why but i just hate. No need to explain but once u malaysian, u already knows.

But one thing i would love to ask myself. What have i done for my country? and what have u done for your country? And with our daily needed is increase like shit and index of criminal also increase especially in kuala lumpur and selangor, and with the sleeping beauty as our prime minister and i still have alot of shitlist but better for me to not put it in here, it just taking my space to mumbling and better for you to check about it by yourself.

And for those who already qualified enough to vote, be wise to choose ur leader. And as malaysian, we have to save our malaysia from becoming the no1 corruption n ridiculous government in the world. Our media is also controlling by the government and for some certain issues, they don't even publish to public. Where's the responsibility of some people nowadays?

This is something to think about " dapatkah bangsa kita bangun menjadi bangsa yang maju, bermoral tinggi serta bermaruah jika sejarah perjuangan dan makna kemerdekaan masih tidak difahami dengan betul serta direalisasikan sepenuhnya dalam kehidupan seharian?"

And if u asking me, am i proud to be malaysian? for sure i am proud to be malaysian but, hehehe.. don't ask me why. Till then, i just hope u guys out there to be proud and wise as malaysian. Even im not wise enough to directing my life as well. Because im just the nobodies to change this world but i know who i am and where i stand. I'm just lost myself for a moment.
And happy merdeka day to all malaysian and for me i just celebrating this merdeka cause it just another day in my life and it's a nice day to be alive anyway. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Just me

This pic above is the new me, but still the same person same attitude and bla bla bla bla. :P
Can u spot the different? Well, im not trying to make over myself anyway. Just crack under pressure for the last few weeks till now but today im back to be a normal.
Arrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! but.. it's a nice day to be alive. Thanks God!! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Your fragile, folded wings
are just tired from the pure blue sky
you don't have to force your smiles for anyone
it's ok to smile...for yourself.

That lonely feeling keeps creeping up on me
a single candle burns still inside
there shouldn't be and expensive chandelier in a wild place like this
can i really bury it all with empty words?

I don't even know anymore..
as long as we can swim freely in our dreams
we won't need that sky anymore
Even if u can't let go of the past
i'll still be there to meet you tomorrow.

Your fragile, folded wings
are just tired from the pure blue sky
you don't have to force your smile for anyone
It's ok to smile... for yourself.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Art Event

Actually im not promoting this or what.. Just i really wanted to be there. And looking for anyone who wants to accompany me.. Does anyone out there is available to join me that day? Well.. Art event is quite new for me but willing to try just like theatre.. :P
Cause it still a nice day to be alive :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Commercial Break Part 7

Indonesian band - Rama
Title of the song - Bertahan

good for ur ears before sleeping.. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Activities on Saturday..

Interchan bowling tournament - that was the acticity that i take part since how many years, and also i do not know. Quite good but a bit bored and Ampang point superbowl is the place, and my highest score that day is only 157. Very bad and i think it was my mistake cause some people telling me, training a day before is not good for the tournament. But its ok laa.. cause our team end up in 3rd place. Ahh.. i just hope that i can do better so our team could get 2nd or if we lucky enough maybe we can be the winner. And 3rd place is good enough for us than nothing rite? then having our dinner at pelita and the next is having fun at karaoke, quite a long time i did not in karaokeing session.. hahaha but still, bit boring and quite funny la jugak.

So..dat was my yesterday activity and wut's next to join? Well i think i need to concentrate on my job after this. Fasting month is about to come and for sure im off for a month. So i depending on my part time job. And make it full time so i hav more time to enjoying my job i guess. But the big problem now is, my bike is out of service plus i need to renew my roadtax n insurance for my van. And one thing u guys dont know about me is.. the biggest secret, i dont even have a driving licence. Can u believe it? Been driving since i was 17, being mat-motor-tapi-tak-merempit when i was 18-22, and till now i dont even hav a driving licence. Wut a joke!!

But today im here..blogging my day. And feels like im starting again from the very first beginning. I need to move on!! move on!! And by the way.. i just keep my spirit up by doing this. And this is the sms i like the most and i just receive from my chatting friend. "I dont expect to be the most important person in your life, that is too much to ask for. What would make me happy is that 1 day if u ever hear my name, u'll smile and say, That is my friend!!"

Till then.. hav a good weekend to everyone.. and yet. Its a nice day to be alive :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007 beloved.

She's old.. even im older than her.. she sick but im still keep pushing her to the limit. I never take care of her.. but she's taking me everywhere before. I do sleep with her but she never complain. She's always take good care of me.. but i just take her for granted. And today, she dont even want to make a move but i do keep pushing her, little by little...but she admit. And then i push her again to her last limit, to the infinity and because she love's me, she do wut it takes to move again. And lastly our relationship is over after i'm safe to be here. At ma home. Thanks to my beloved Mitsubishi Delica cause u always there when i need u. So, take a rest for a moment and i will take care of u later.

It's not easy to achieve what we want in life, cause in the moment we climb, alot of things happen, just like what happen to me and my beloved MD. My bike is out of service already and she is sick. Damnn!!! what else after this? Come on man, fight and fight n fight again. And for me.

i've been here so long
just watching u
standing there so cold
from time to time,

As i pray to God
it wont be a thousand years
and here i kneel
in freezing snow,

Plssss God help me
show my way
I tears wont dry
Just make them see its aint true
To keep this soul
Behind this wall...

p/s : another tough day for me but still.. keep on smiling cause it's a nice day to be alive :)