Thursday, January 20, 2011

CB 2011 part 2

no title..

In life, they gonnabe hard time and good time. And ah donno where ah stand. But one thing for sure, ah am quite miserable this lately. But ah donno why. Mebbe this is the very first time being dedi wannabe for real in the middle of 30's.

Am ah ready enuff? Am ah responsible enuff? Am ah going to be a good dedi and a good husband? Nah.. ah dont wanna think about it anymore. Just go on with me life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


ah need a better job.. ah need to change my lifestyle.. sometimes ah just think that ah don't wanna be me anymore.. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Commercial Break part 1

Happy Nu Year..

Ah dont think it is too late to wish everyone a happy nu year.. And we just hope that this year will be better than the last..rite? But what we do and what kind of effort we put on it, will be the outcome of this year resolution.

The starting of 2011 is not quite good enuff for me while the baby in the belly is 4 months already. And expected to be delivered by the middle of June. Life is not about an instant result. Life is about to take risk on our journey, play safe will take u to nowhere. Eerrrr... ah dont mean not playin safe is doin sumthin illegal.  It just like u hav to take risk on wutcho doin in a better way. Push urself to the limit. And sumtimes ah just wonderin, can ah do that? And wut kind of reward would ah get?

Nahh..keep talkin will take me to nowhere. It's time to act, time to put away all the silly things. Mistake by mistake happen, but sometimes it is needed in life just to giv us an experience, to motivate ourself.  And dont forget to pray to the One. If u already do ur best but things not happen just like u want, do remember that the One is always with us.

And the good things happen in my life this year, ah am a dedi wannabe. :x  :x and it is always a nice day to be alive.