Friday, June 29, 2007

Unit Trust

This is what im doing this lately, but im still not qualified to take client cause i need to settle down all the little things such an exam, payment and so on and so on. I need a licence to do that and yet i am still new in this kind of things. And here it is...

For readers.. Do u want to know what Unit Trust is?

A unit trust fund is a collective investment scheme, which pools the savings of investors with similar investment objectives in a special "trust" fund managed by professional fund managers. The pooled monies in the unit trust fund will then be invested in a diversified portfolio of securities and other assets in accordance with the unit trust fund's investment objectives and as permitted under the Securities Commission's (SC) Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds. The investment scheme of a unit trust fund can be illustrated as a tripartite relationship between the manager, the trustee and the unitholders. The manager is responsible for the management and operations of the unit trust fund whilst the trustee holds all the assets of the unit trust fund. The obligations and rights of each of the three parties are specified in the Deed, (a legal document entered into between the manager and the trustee, and registered with the SC). The Deed regulates the duties and responsibilities of the manager and the trustee with regard to the operations of the trust fund and protects the unitholders' interests.

Credit to cimb-wealth advisors

My Horoscope For Today

The Bottom Line
A decision you make today may result in your placing your career above your family.
In Detail
A decision you make today will have far-reaching consequences, and it may result in your placing your career above your family. Switching your focus away from your personal life might not be such a bad idea right now. There is a lot of harmony at home, and your personal relationships have never been stronger. The people who love you also support your professional goals -- and they're willing to take a back seat for a little while. Make a plan for a family celebration once you meet your goals.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My First Step..

Wednesday, i already make a move, taking me out from my own world where i used to live. Eastin Hotel is the place.. with the title, Grand Business Opportunity. And its also taking me out my 50bucks.. :) but its ok for the started. By the way..they just telling us this and that and a bit like motivation seminar and yet, quite good for me. And i still hav alot to learn and to catch so i make it step by step.. go slow.

And thanks to my friend aja for inviting me to join this kind of group. And being a good driver for me last nite.. but still worth it cause dinner is on me. :)

Quote for the day : let's make the money work for u, not u work for the money..
that's all for today entry :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

I just dont know..

Well.. this is my second post. Actually i just dont know what to do so i just explore what they have in here. I mean in this Im a newbie, still learning about blogging and some people tell me "blogging is all about talk what's u want and what's in ur mind" and there is no limit. Is it true? Im not sure, so today i just do some adjustment to my page but still not satisfied with the outcome.

Ermm.. do we need a topic to talk about? I dont think so, unless u have friends with the same interest with you. So today i just want u guys to get to know which band i like the most. And the band is Radiohead. Enough said, let's enjoy the song.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My very 1st entry..

Sunday, the day where all the people in Malaysia stay at home and some might go shopping and watching movie with their friends, bf and gf, except Kelantan and Terengganu cause their public holiday is on Friday.
But on this sunny sunday, im still here do nothing but just thinking how to make my life better and healthier than before. And suddenly i was thinking about unit trust which is my friend invite me to join last few weeks as agent. Should i make my step by joining this?, and i think i already make my decision. Why dont i give a chance to myself to try?

So.. let's the journey begin. And i'll post to u what will i do in my becoming post.